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Meet Magick, our resident Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) dog!

Hi my name is Magick, I’m a super friendly, giant, Chocolate Labrador! I come from a long line of gentle spirited Labradors who have gone on to be amazing Therapy and Service Dogs. I hope to do just the same as an Animal Assisted Therapy Dog!

I live with my Guardian, Krystal – she keeps me safe, gives me really tasty treats, and teaches me a lot of important things. I’ve been training to be a therapy dog since I was 12-weeks old. It’s a lot of hard work, but my guardian gives me plenty of time to have fun! I especially love catching up with my litter mates, playing with my pack, going on holidays (I’ve been on 12 so far, and hope to go on many many more!), and stealing left shoes from my humans. I get into a lot of mischief too, but most of the time Krystal doesn’t mind.

I spent my first year of puppyhood training alongside Krystal, at a special clinic with a lot of fun equipment to play on! I learnt a lot from my first clinic family- they taught me how to greet people politely, to help set up games, how to encourage little humans to use their hands, and to play a lot of fun games (though I’m a natural, and don’t need a lot of training to know how to play!). Now that Krystal has started Kids Compass, we can have a clinic family of our own!

I’m really good at knowing when humans are feeling sad, hurt, scared, or lonely. You can always count on me to greet you with a big smile and wagging tail. I’ll help to make you feel better by laying at your feet, or resting my paw on your leg – Krystal and I will sit with you until you’re ready to feel happy again.

Krystal and I just completed our Level 2 training for Animal Assisted Play Therapy™ – it is an American training model that helps Krystal and me learn to work as a team in Play Therapy sessions. It was a tough workshop, but we passed! With only one component to go, Krystal and I hope to be a certified Animal Assisted Play Therapy duo!!

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